Youth Revival Breakout In Australia!

I played the 20 sec of risk yesterday at a large Christian Jr. High and High School in Port Macquarie, Australia - they went nuts - God's presence showed up as I briefly spoke on risk and then invited kids to stay after if they wanted to be healed - about 60 of them stayed - I was told that I couldn't lay my hands on them by the teacher in charge (the warden :-) so, I had them pair up and laugh over each other's ailments - most of them were healed right away - they were so shocked that many of them started crying and laughing at the same time - 4 kids received Jesus - one had a visitation of Jesus, was healed, then saved. One girl had cut herself intentionally so that she had stitches a few days prior - the stitches and scar completely dissolved and disappeared - she got saved as well. One girl had a degenerative jaw bone where it had grown out sideways causing her jaw to look strange - it grew back - that testimony caused a boy to get saved at recess! I have never seen such a breakout of the presence and power of God - I only had 20 minutes to minister at the Chapel - ended up staying 1 1/2 hours! Go Risk.