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Why Get Coaching?

Stepping out into a lifestyle of supernatural Kingdom ministry can feel intimidating and overwhelming for many.  Often, a lack of confidence and competence prevents us from taking the necessary risk to release God’s powerful presence in practical ways to those around us who need His touch through healing or the prophetic.  

Our coaches will give you insights, encouragement, and practical strategies to cross “The Chicken Line” into new levels of breakthrough.  Moreover, they will help you to identify and process through personal constraints, so that you can be more effective in expanding the Kingdom in your sphere of influence.

What Makes Our Coaching Unique?

Each of our coaches are Firestarters, and have lived a lifestyle of signs and wonders, healing, prophetic, and supernatural witnessing for many years.  They are skilled and experienced at activating others to become passionate, purposeful, and powerful Firestarters.

All of our coaches have an ongoing personal relationship with Kevin, and represent his Kingdom core values in theology and practical ministry strategies.

How Does It Work?

Firestarters Coaching allows you to connect with Kevin and our Firestarters Coaches from anywhere on the planet!

All sessions take place using video conferencing software, and detailed instructions are included in your email as to how to get connected to your coach.

You can read more about each coach, and then book right here. After completing your booking you will be emailed a private link to your session with your coach.


Meet the Coaches

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Kevin Dedmon

Kevin created Firestarters to help people get equipped, empowered, and activated in a naturally supernatural lifestyle to expand the Kingdom of God to every sphere of society.

He has been training people in signs and wonders, healing, prophetic, and supernatural witnessing for the past 16 years at Bethel Church in Redding, California, and churches around the world.

He is gifted at helping churches and individuals assimilate the revival culture cultivated at Bethel Church, so that it becomes a normal, natural, part of every day life.

Kevin has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, and has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and an M.A. in Leadership Development from Vanguard University.

He is the author of The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, Unlocking Heaven, The Risk Factor, TNT, HomeFire, and Firestarters.

Firestarters Coaches


Erica Gismegian

Erica was part of the original leadership team that helped develop the Firestarters curriculum, and continues to be a leader in the ongoing weekly Bethel Firestarters class, in which she trains coaches and is part of the teaching team.

Erica is a joy filled, radical lover of Jesus and passionate about releasing the goodness of God in whatever environment she finds herself in.

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Marshall Belcher

Marshall Belcher is the Director of Bethel Firestarters, and on the primary leadership team in the Bethel Healing Rooms. He has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 15 years, and has activated hundreds of people to heal the sick through his presence-driven approach in releasing God’s power.

Marshall is a successful executive for a Fortune 100 company, and sees miracles in his business environment,


Tom Childs

I have been a leader in Kingdom revival for over 30 years. About 10 years ago, my wife and I planted a church in Oregon, and have been pastoring there since, equipping and activating our members in signs and wonders, healing, prophetic, and supernatural witnessing.