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Impact Weekend in Vidor, TX

Life -Changing Weekend in Vidor, Texas

Kevin came to Vidor, Texas to host a Supernatural Lifestyle Conference at Grace Community Church.  Due to an overwhelming response, we had to move the conference to a larger venue.  Kevin and his team came in with such a contagious fire that drew several hundred to each service.

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Chicken Line Testimonies in South Carolina!

Weekend Conference in Charleston, SC

Wow!  What an incredible weekend. Every day I am hearing testimonies of people crossing the “chicken line!”  Healings, words of encouragement, words of knowledge and wisdom are quickly becoming the norm. Also there has been a release of overwhelming joy. Incredible joy has been released over the body here in Charleston. This has by far been the most incredible impacting move of the Holy Spirit we have experienced. We appreciate so much Kevin and the entire ministry team for opening their hearts and leaking Jesus all over us!  We will never be the same!

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Good Medicine- JOY!


Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Fruit, however, does not grow overnight — it must be cultivated over time. Similarly, the fruit of joy must be cultivated daily if we expect to see it produced in our lives. Like any fruit-bearing tree, once a seed is planted, we must subject ourselves to the constant watering of the Holy Spirit, being continually filled with His presence in order for the fruit of joy to mature in our lives (Ephesians 5:18).

We have a part in cultivating the fruit of joy in our lives. In Psalm 103, David declares, “Praise the Lord, O my soul.” David was basically saying “Soul, I know that you do not want to praise God right now, but you are not in charge of my life — I am. So, I will bless the Lord.” Everything we do in the Kingdom is done by choice through our will. We love, forgive, serve, give, and praise God by choice, through faith, with the grace that God gives us to be able to do it. This is true for joy as well. Joy is not an optional fruit of the spirit that we can just forget about.

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Heaven Invading The Philippines

I had set up this conference 6 months prior to hurricane Yolanda. When I arrived one week after the hurricane hit, I was able to equip, empower, and activate Pilipino leaders to change the world through signs and wonders, healing, and prophetic words. There were some “prophets” who had prophesied the destruction of the islands that were most severely hit, saying that this was God’s judgment. My message was that the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but that Jesus comes to bring life. He spoke to the winds and the waves, and said, “Peace, be still.” He healed people wherever he went, and set people free. This is our job as believers. We are to prophesy and partner with what God wants to say and do – not the devil. I declare healing and restoration over all of the Philippines in Jesus’ name!

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Home Fire – Brand New Curriculum


HomeFire consists of 12-week sessions (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4) that can provide a one-year curriculum or strategy utilized for one, two, or three quarters during a calendar year. Additionally, anyone can jump into the course at any point during a 12-week session, which adds to the flexibility for growth of the group.

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The goal of HomeFire is to equip, empower, and activate believers in a Kingdom revival lifestyle so that they learn to live naturally supernatural...Read More

HomeFire - Kevin Dedmon

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