Erica Gismegian


Erica was part of the original leadership team that helped develop the Firestarters curriculum, and continues to be a leader in the ongoing weekly Bethel Firestarters class, in which she trains coaches and is part of the teaching team.

Erica is a joy filled, radical lover of Jesus and passionate about releasing the goodness of God in whatever environment she finds herself in. 

Erica is also a 3rd year graduate of the Bethel School Of Supernatural Ministry. After graduating, she became a world champion salsa dancer, and record holder of 63 first place professional-amateur titles in just 18 months.

She has a powerful testimony of radical risk, resulting in extraordinary miracles in her profession and the dance world.   At her first salsa performance, she healed a friend of one of her competitors from terminal cancer, and then, saw many more healing miracles at each of her subsequent competitions. 

Her heart’s cry is to see the body of Christ stand in their God given identity and authority, and empowered to walk in miraculous power, freedom, joy and love. Her passion will inspire you to dream with God, and embark on the most exciting supernatural Kingdom adventures imaginable. 


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