Our job as leaders in revival is to empower people to take our ceiling and make it their floor.  In other words, to equip them to be able to do “greater works” than us.  I love hearing testimonies of healing from people who I have prayed for, but I get way more excited over hearing testimonies of people taking what I have invested in them, and then activating what they have seen and heard, so that they begin to expand God’s Kingdom where ever they go, in what ever sphere of influence God has called them to live and work in.

Following, is a typical letter describing what happens in the Church after a Supernatural Lifestyle Conference, or a Firestorm Conference.  This is a smallish Church of around 300 in a smallish town in Minnesota, but they are now making a huge difference in there community.  We saw many miracles during the weekend conference, but more importantly, there are more happening as the people have been activated to affect the community around them through miracles, healings, and prophetic insights just like Jesus did.  Following is the letter I received.  Remember, this is possible for you and your Church to live in as well!!

Hi Kevin; again, just a note of thanks for your time here in Elk River. There was an incredible impartation and much excitement continues to stir in our hearts here. The testimonies just keep rolling in of ordinary people doing the works of Christ. One quiet 50ish lady was at McDonalds and noticed an employee cleaning tables was in pain. She offered to pray for her and the pain left instantly.

My wife’s aunt, who just a couple of years ago would have walked out of that type of meeting, was healed of severe back pain. She’s had it since I’ve known her, about 30 years. She went home that night and realized she hadn’t received prayer for artheritis in her neck, which was painful also. She laid hands on herself and was instantly healed.

Our sound man’s wife, who is new to healing and radical Jesus stuff, (newly married) had her rotocuff healed. (I just talked to him a couple of hours ago and he says there is still no pain). My sister in law, who goes to a church about 25 miles from here, e-mailed us that the “fire from the conference had spread to her church.” Her pastor had also attended. A young gal in her sunday school class was on crutches with an injury to her foot. Jan prayed for her several times, and later, after they’d left, her younger sister asked to play with her crutches. She gave them to her and put weight on her foot and realized that her foot had been healed. The girl testified in church and her pastor had her pray for others with foot problems. Another lady from that church who had been at the conference went home with pain in her knees. Since nobody was there to pray for her, she laid hands on her knees and was instantly healed.

On Monday at church, one of the gals that helps out there, said she had a splitting headache. Before I knew what was going on, my secretary laid hands on her and within 10 seconds the lady exclaimed “its gone!”

One lady, while going through one of the fire tunnels over the weekend, said that a lady in a blue shirt laid hands on her and she felt, as best as she could describe it, like a white sheet departing from her. Immediately she knew that an emotional pain from 30 years ago had been healed. She started laughing so hard she had to be helped to a chair, where she laughed for an extended time.

When I asked last Sunday how many had been healed in the meetings, about 1/3 of the congregation’s hands went up. (maybe 50). I asked how many felt more equipped to do the work of the ministry than before, and just about everybody responded. Mind sets are obviously shifted and people are constantly telling me that since the conference, they see people with “issues” as “targets.” That’s a poor way of putting that, but you know what I mean.

I’ve had a few leaders in the community that weren’t at the conference tell me that they’d heard how good the meetings were. I’m believng that every church and business in the city will reap the same reward as those who were there. A couple of months ago, the Lord had spoken a word to my heart that we as a church and in the city were at a “tipping point” and that evangelism was the thing that would tip it over.

I, personally, have known that supernatural evangelism was the real key, and am seeing people excited and full of the kind of faith to walk it out. At least one guy is going to start a home group with the purpose of doing treasure hunts. That, along with a number of people with renewed interest in the treasure hunts we have been doing.

We had an elders meeting last night, and the guys were really excited about the release in the Spirit and we talked a lot about stewardship and release and vision. We’ll be starting a Friday night meeting with Presence, healing, and miracles boldly taught and demonstrated. Mainly going for the hungry youth in the city.

These are a few of the testimonies, but, to me, the biggest change is in the atmosphere and how people are seeing themselves as powerful sons and daughters of God with a job to do. The body is being the body, and that’s exciting! I do feel like we need to do something in about 6 months again, because many leaders from the community weren’t in a place to take the risk. I believe that the change in the city will be so evident, that next time they won’t be able to stay away.

Again, I’m believing that although they couldn’t cross the river this time, They’ll share in the booty along with us-for the sake of the Kingdom. Much more I could share, but I think you get the picture. We were very blessed and will continue to walk in what was released. Until next time, get drunk, get others drunk, and stay drunk! Blessings…Dave.

I hope you enjoyed that!  Remember, you are also a world changer!  Blessings