I Only Want to Be a Sunday Christian

Seven years ago, I was sitting with some Christian friends at a restaurant.  The main conversation was talking about their vision and their passion for God.  As a very young Christian, I couldn’t understand everything but when I heard them want to give up their jobs to go on the mission field to serve God, my first reaction was, “You guys are crazy!  I can’t even find a job.  Do you know how hard it is to find a nice job that pays well?  Many people out there are struggling to find a job and you guys want to quit a job that pays well?  This is too extreme — I do not want to be this kind of Christian that gives up everything.  I just want a job and a nice family.  I will fellowship and go to church on Sunday regularly.  I only want to be like most Christians who attend church on Sunday, but nothing too extreme”.  I determined in my heart just to be a Sunday Christian, but little did I know that God had different plans.

One Encounter

On a normal Friday night, I was visiting a church.  I was impressed by the worship but had no clue what the sermon was about.  I just remember at the end of the meeting that the pastor asked if we needed prayer to come down to the front.  My friend asked me to go with her, so I did.  I saw many people crying, laughing and speaking in a language I never heard of.  What was this?  I was very curious of what I saw and heard. A young girl came to me and laid her hand on me.  I started feeling a warm sensation of love in my body and began crying because I had never experienced love like this before.  It overwhelmed me.  “Wow, Wow, Wow, this feels so good!  I want stay in this place forever.”  That encounter brought a change to my life — something shifted in me in that very moment and I would never be the same.  I became hungry and wanted to know more of this God that I believed in.  From that day, I went to every church meeting I could find in the area.  Regardless if I understand the sermon or not, I just wanted to be in the place where God was.  I was so drawn by the presence of God that I found myself worshipping Him all the time and waiting on Him.  That hunger eventually lead to exciting adventures in the later years.  The boot camp had just begun…

A Child-like Faith Leads to More

I remember sitting in every meeting — in the end there always an impartation and prayer time.  Many people went to the front saying “yes” to the altar calls and to receive impartations.  Just like a child, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Whatever that is, it must be good and I am going to the front to get some.”  Don’t you think that’s what a child would do?  When a child sees something is popular, they want it.  They do not know what it is for or if they really need it, but they understand, it must be good because everyone wants it.  As simple as that, I went to the front to receive all the impartations that I could get without really knowing the meaning behind them.  People may think that’s not wise, but I realize this was the smartest thing I did.  Something was deposited in me, seeds had been planted.  My hunger increased daily, my heart started to changed, and my spiritual understanding was growing fast.  A child-like faith opens up the door and receives more of what God has in store for us.

Falling in Love with Him

“My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.”   During this seeking and receiving period, I found myself crying out for more of Him.  Deep calls to deep and I could hear Him calling me, wanting to reveal things to me.  He gave me a desire to set time apart for Him and He made it so easy for me.  I could not wait to spend time with Him everyday.  We talked and dreamt together.  He started to reveal my destiny to me.  I started seeing myself going to ministry training, speaking and praying for people.  In the beginning I had only wanted to be a Sunday Christian, but now this was exactly the thing that I did not want anymore.  The better I knew Him, the more I fell in love with Him.  I knew His heart was to set people free and heal them.  Love is a powerful weapon.  He made me fall in love with Him, He changed my heart, and I was more than willing to do anything He wanted me to do.  I could not resist His requests or say no to the one I loved — this is what love will do to you.  It is not difficult at all; you will find yourself wanting to do even more for your love.  It was easy because He had deposited His desires in me and gave me passion to do anything He called me to do.

Take a Step to Take a Risk

From having an encounter with God, to having a relationship with Him and falling in love with Jesus, I took a big risk.  I did the thing that I never wanted to do — give up everything to follow His heart.  I quit the job I loved, left all my friends behind, and moved to a small city in Redding, California to attend Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry.  It wasn’t an easy decision but this risk became the best thing in my life.  Through two years of training, I have learned more about taking risk, bringing God encounters to other people’s lives, and seeing many people get healed and set free by the power of God.  Now I love to take risk and let God surprise me.  Every time I take risk, I see more of Him and His heart for us.  I am not afraid to take risk because I know in my heart He is very pleased with me that I take a step of faith and believe in Him.  I trust in Him because He is in control.  I see how He loves us and see His wonders.  He is more than happy to touch people and heal them.  It’s so much fun to partner with God.

Become a Supernatural Risk-taker

I want to encourage you if you have never encountered God to seek and ask for an encounter.  It will change your life.  Hunger and desperation attract heaven.  I was open and hungry and did not understand anything when I let that young girl pray for me.  Then I met Him at that moment.  He wants to meet you and touch you more then you can imagine.  You will never be the same once you have an encounter with God.  Let Him change you; let Him to do the work in your heart.  You don’t have to strive and do it yourself.  He will never call you to something that you do not want to.  He will able you and give you the desires to do all things.  Be childlike. You do not necessarily need to understand everything but just learn to trust.  Trust that the Father has good things to give to you through impartations.  Impartations take you to the next level of breakthrough and anointing, they speed up the process — you do not have to spend the same amount of time to get there.  Other people’s breakthrough is our breakthrough, receive from people’s anointing and take to higher level to do even greatest things for Him.  Most important thing is to be in love with the One, love is powerful weapon.  Without love, we will not be able to the things that He calls us, everything we do should be out of love and out of intimacy.  It’s much easier for us to take risk when we operate in love not our own strength.  What are the keys to take risk?  Have an encounter, be hungry, receive impartations and be so in love that you be turned into a supernatural risk taker.

Written By:
Vivian Lo