I have been blessed to work in the market place several days a week as the majority of the world.  One of the things I try to do is remain determined to not get “caught”  in the cycle of everyday normal life.  I want everyday to be an extraordinary supernatural day! If I have the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead literally living in my body, then everyday should be out of this world!  For five years now, I have continually witnessed Jesus do outstanding miracles almost every day of the week, especially at my job! I have worked for my dad’s satellite company for about ten years now and have recently opened my own branch here in Redding. I have had all the  struggles that I am sure most Christians have had with trying to see Jesus move at their workplace. Wondering if my customers are going to get offended if I talk about Jesus and I therefore lose money. Having other bosses I worked for telling me  that you can’t talk about Jesus in the workplace… “no politics or religion”. But I haven’t let that sway me I am a light and lights were created to be seen! I have seen that as I am faithful to re-present Him my business and others businesses have actually been radically blessed. So I have developed some keys that help me continually see Jesus invade my everyday life!  In this article are the things that I practice daily and that I believe enable me to see miracles on a regular basis.

Soaking in the Holy Spirit: “Drinking”

This is a HUGE key for me to see the supernatural on a regular basis.  I try to constantly set my heart and mind on the Holy Spirit until I physically feel Him on my body.  This normally makes me feel either very joyful or somewhat intoxicated.  We all have the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead living in our bodies.  Not a different Spirit, but the same one and He loves to manifest Himself to you!  Normally, as I do this I will begin to hear from the Holy Spirit what people need prayer for.  I will either see a “mind’s eye vision” or feel something on a specific area of my body.

For example, one day I was finishing up a satellite job, and I asked God to show me how to pray for the homeowners upon my leaving.  I saw a vision of what looked like a shadow of a body with light coming from the right ear, the back and the right foot.  As I was preparing to go, I asked the two ladies if they had any problems with their right ear, back and right foot.  Both of them, surprised, said “YES!”  I prayed for them and the pain disappeared.  One of the women, however, had her spine fused to her neck with metal rods and she could not physically turn her neck to the right or left, regardless of how hard she tried.  The first time we prayed for her she still could not move her neck.  So we prayed again and she moved her neck completely to the left and right like nothing had ever happened to her!  God miraculously restored her movement!  AMAZING!

Renewing my mind

Romans 12:2 “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this worked, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.  This is something I practice daily!  Once we are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit we are not in need of God to do something else for us in order for us to see the supernatural.  We have a responsibility to renew our minds and to think like He thinks.  Past Bill says it this way “Most people’s closed heavens are in between their ears”!  We have been given power and authority to heal every disease and cast out demons.  We must renew our minds to believe that!  We are God’s answer to the world’s problems; we are Kings and Queens of Heaven with all of Heavens power backing us up!

One day I was at a job putting a satellite in, for a middle age couple.  I happened to not be feeling very “supernatural” that day.  So I went outside and kind of shook myself up, reminding myself that I was a miracle worker filled with the Holy Spirit.  Then I went back inside and asked the man if he had any problems in his body that I could pray for.  He said yes, his index finger had terrible arthritis in it from the military and was in constant pain.  So I prayed for him and it INSTANTLY disappeared.  He started freaking out.  He then asked if I would pray for his wife, who suffered from severe sleep apnea and was unable to sleep through the night and therefore is tired all day.  So I went to his wife and she did look terrible. She was also a Mormon.  I told her that Jesus was going to heal her, but He is not the same Jesus she believed in at the Mormon Church.  He is the Jesus of the Christian Church and when He healed her she needed to believe in Him and not Mormonism.  She said okay and so I prayed for her and then went home.  The next day her husband called the office and said that his pain never returned to his finger and that for the first time in 10 years his wife slept all the way through the night and woke up early that morning totally refreshed!

Risk: the “do it” factor

This is practically the biggest key to seeing the supernatural.  Risk! Taking the risk to step out of your comfort zone and believe God to back you up.  That is real faith.  Taking God at His word and believing Him when you lay hands on the sick that they will recover!  You are his sheep and you will hear his voice!  I simply make a determination to step out and pray or prophesy over people daily!  Therefore my life is surrounded with supernatural stories, because “God rewards faith…. Risk!”

My first miracle ever was released as I took bold risk. I used to run a Christian rehab and there was a young man in there who had STDs from shooting heroine. There was also a young man in there who was a bold atheist. One day I asked the boy who was an atheist what it would take for him to receive Jesus. He said if God healed the young man with STDs, he would do it. Scared to death I said “Okay, God is going to heal him so that you will know He is real”.

The young man with the STDs had a doctor’s appointment the next week. I prayed for him the day before his appointment. The next day he went in for some tests.  As he was waiting for the results, he checked himself out and noticed the sores on his body from the STDs disappearing in front of his eyes. Then the doctor came out and told him that they couldn’t find any trace of the STDs. When I heard this, I was ecstatic and went right to the young man who was an atheist and he received Jesus.

Take these keys and put them into practice.  Every day will be an extraordinary supernatural day!  You have what it takes.  Just GO FOR IT and see Jesus move in your life!